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                      THE STRESS RESPONSE

Normally in homeostasis we can not notice stress, or if we notice we do not car. This is our normal adaptive response. When our adaptive response can not protect us from stress then begin stressful situation ( General adaptation syndrome ). There are three stages to this response (Stress response).
        1. - stage of stress response
Alarm stage. Body try to protecting us from stressor or threat (real or imagined), and prepares to react to the situation. This is  fight-or-flight response. Body activating the nervous system (more concentration, tensing of muscles for quick react) and releases specific hormones, which speed up our body and mind (metabolism, heart rate, breathing rate, blood pressure), and provides  strength and energy (sugar and oxygen). ( For better understanding see Home Page and Stress Explanation)
        2. -stage of stress response
Resistance stage. Maximum resistance and maximum activity. (Pay attention on Symptoms and Causes)
        3. -stage of stress response
Exhaustion stage. Organism is tired, less energy, not unable for normal function, increase the risk of illness, and adaptive mechanisms is in collapse. ( Need action like Stress Management )

If  acute stressors affect an organism in the short term; recovery is reversed process. When stressor is gone or stop reacted then start relaxation, small  activity and  normal functioning.

But if is chronic stressors (can be very dangerous) over the longer term, then damage can be very serious and this is need  for medical help or least medical review.
                             picture 1.:  "Stress curve and phases (General adaptation syndrome)"
picture 2: General adaptation syndrome

 picture 4: The human function curve
                                picture (useful for stress, health and life): The human function curve


      Important to audience
Usually stress is symptom or/and cause of many illness and it is very import to understand the stress process (stress response) and use stress management for every day therapy

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