Stress Pictures

          picture is for stress, health and life : Stress curve and stages ( General adaptation syndrome )

                                     picture is for stress, health and life : The human function curve

               Stress Pictures

Pictures of General Adaptation syndrome and The Human function curve are made that everyone can understand.

               Resume of stress

Stress is natural. If we do not have stress, we will ask for (adventure, speed, adrenaline, exciting, ...), but if we have too much stress, we need some action - call Stress Management. Stress management depends of many things: level of stress, cause and symptoms, stress response stages, genetics, immunity,... It is important to find your  individual successful Stress Management and use it every day. Find some anti-stress techniques (Stress management techniques) which is acceptable for your stress (stress symptoms) and your kind of personality. Stress is individual illness and different for all of us and can change from time to time. In first attend  stress management training. Prevention of stress and keep body and mind in constant good condition is the best way to protect yourself from stress and stay health. Prevention of stress (stress symptoms) is the first stress management training  you  need to learn. Prevention is the best health insurance, the best life insurance, cheapest stress management, cheap life insurance, affordable health insurance, affordable life insurance, cheap health insurance, low cost life insurance, health saving account, family health insurance, whole life insurance, life assurance, life cover, simple stress relief, life insurance quotes, whole life insurance quote, life assurance quote, ...

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