How to Cure Stress


Every person need different way to cure stress, and the same individual do not need the same stress treatment in the same stress situation.
Medicaments (remedies) – let your doctor  prescribe medicines to you, especially the first time (there is many good arguments).
Psychological coping strategies like: appraisal strategies, problem strategies, emotion strategies or a mixture of those three strategies.

Stress Management

Stress Management is most popular and easy to use way to deal with stress.
Prevention – keep your body and mine in constant good condition (low risk of stress) and avoid becoming chronically stressed.     CAUSE OF STRESS ( stressor, stressors, stressors in life, life stressors , list of stressors or stress factors in life )

Solve your problem – if you can't, avoid or leave it for later.
Reduce stress – take a break and rest on your acceptable way "mental and physical holiday". Fill you lucky and live.

Because stress is different for every person and can change, so Stress Management techniques ( or  anti-stress techniques, stress reduction techniques, stress relives  techniques,...) can not be panacea. Everyone pick techniques appropriate to stress and own personality. There is so many  techniques. There is some of Stress Management techniques: Physical activity-exercise(natural, cheap and easy, verified and most successful anti stress techniques. Deep breathing ( natural, verified, cheap and easy anti-stress, gentle, you can do it almost everywhere et every time). Relaxation and Meditation (very thankful, less expensive, natural, successful anti stress techniques). Relationships. Ask for help and talk about your problems.  Healthy eating.  Organize your time.  Making contact with nature ( spending time in nature.  Alternative and complementary medicine. Aromatherapy. Pet therapy (playing with pets). Pleasurable music. Just write. Massage. Hobbies. Volunteer work. Laughter. Tea time. Spa...

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Notice ! Stress can be symptom or/and cause of many illness and it is very import to understand the stress mechanism (stress response) and use stress management every day.

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